DIY Virtual Tours for Real Estate Agencies

Get your 360⁰ camera then start to SHOOT - CREATE - SHARE your own virtual tours!!

One price for unlimited tours per office. Real Estate Agents can now make their own 360º images of their properties for rent or for sale. Display a single rotating image or build a fully interactive virtual tour in minutes with our easy to use virtual tour builder! Virtual tours have always been a strong marketing tool for Real Estate Agents to make more leads and sales, but have unfortunately been unaffordable for many estate agents. Thanks to our platform and unique virtual tour builder software any real estate agent can now create interactive virtual tours for their website.
Ibiza Virtual Tour with its partner Plush Global Media from the beginning made property virtual tours not just easy but affordable for everyone so you can sell your properties in place faster with the most professional tools nowadays!

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Villa Can Andreu - San Lorenzo Valley

Please see a virtual tour demo made in our online platform with our virtual tour builder software.


Virtual Tours are now more popular than ever and we have seen a great influx of requests for Business Virtual Tours in recent months. Up to now, these luxury marketing tools have mostly only been affordable for larger high end villas. 
Well…. Not anymore!! 
At IBIZA Virtual Tour which is part of MARCOM Media Consulting in partnership with Plush Global Media S.L. we are fortunate to be the only agency in Ibiza to work with the latest technology for Virtual Tours on the market. We are able to take Virtual Tour images in a matter of minutes and the final product can be delivered to you within one or two working days.

About Us

      We are Marketing and PR professionals living and working in Ibiza. Our company specialises in 360⁰ HDR photography, still photography, graphic design, IT solutions and programming. Together we have built several strong and effective online marketing products which give our clients the most valuable presence on the internet for their businesses in an astonishingly exclusive way with unbeatable prices.
Thanks to our enthusiasm and hard work we were pleased to inform our clients and partners in October (2015) that we became a "Partner" with Plush Global Media S.L. who are an approved Google Street View Trusted Agency, which provides us the ability to create "See Inside" sections on Google Maps with our 360⁰ HDR images taken of the inside of businesses.

See inside on Google Maps

Our business product is dedicated for hotels, art galleries, beach clubs, bars, restaurants, car and motorcycle showrooms, interior designers, etc. In fact for any B2C business which serve their customers in their shops and premises. Our services in this field include the free shootings of the business. With our latest and most advanced technology 360⁰ iSTAR camera we are able to take images in advance for our potential clients, without any obligation to purchase. In addition to that the images can be taken in a matter of minutes so there is no need to close the business for shootings. We can assure our clients that our prices for these services are unbeatable in the market of HDR 360⁰ images connected to Google Maps which allows even the smallest businesses to have the same services what earlier only the large companies could afford.
And it doesn’t stop there, we also provide our clients with a priceless value added service. Many business people simply don’t have time to deal with the latest digital and social media platforms therefore we always help them to create Google+ Business Accounts (if they don’t already have one) for a Google Maps presence, create websites, Facebook business pages and Facebook Virtual Tours.

Premium VTs

Our Premium Virtual Tours are in high demand especially for the luxury villa market, hotels, art galleries and all those businesses which require unique design and branding. The possibilities are infinite. We can add graphic designs and texts to the virtual tour player, create colour schemes and styles which will perfectly fit into an exsiting website. We can also add your logo on the players’ screen and in the mirror ball of every image, group and connect images, hide or show controls, allow or restrict views and automatic rotation, etc.

All of our premium virtual tours are uploaded to our servers and converted in several formats therefore they can be accessed and seen from any platform and device now available. This includes the most popular devices such as mobile phones, tabs, tablets, touch screen hybrid tablets and laptops (iOS, Android, Windows).


Luxury Villa Marketing

For property owners who have villas for sale and/or rent we provide an extensive online marketing solution in order to sell their properties at least 6 months faster than usual. Our Luxury Villa Marketing projects include 360⁰ virtual tours, drone footages, social media engagement and advertising together with Search Engine Optimization and creation of several landing pages. Please see Secret Villa Marbella project's video and/or visit the landing page at



One Page Websites

For those property owners who just simply would like to promote their villas for sale or rent in order to give all the information in one place for their potencial buyers or renters we create one page bespoke websites with galleries and desirable virtual tour players. In order to see the full websites in a new tab please simply click on the name of the Villas.

VILLA CAN ANDREU (1590)                                                                                                                        VILLA SARAHMUK (1501)


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